We want G-Aerosports to be the transformation of our love and pssion for airplanes and air-sports into an experience, which will allow us to unceasingly channel our rich experience and knowledge into what we do.

Our vision is to make our aircrafts the benchmark of evolution and progress in the Ultralight Aviation industry, giving the opportunity to people of all ages, who love the feeling of flight and creation to realize their dream.

Our goal for G-Aerosports is to manufacture quality Ultralight Aircrafts, with low cost, making them affordable to all and at the same time to become a driving force of productivity and effectiveness of underused resources in Northern Greece.





30 years of ceaseless effort; designs, improvements, tests and optimizations, Archon SF1, is NOW ready to take off for the most exciting journey. Don’t miss the chance to build a UL like no other, sit in the cockpit and take command of a truly challenging aircraft for the most astonishing flying experience!


"Only the best becomes a Fighter Pilot...

Take a seat inside the cockpit of the world's most exciting aircraft

and prepare for take-off"


The basic image of a little airplane with the front prop and the square wings below is quite... boring, provoking no excitement or passion for flying…. 

In contrast…an aircraft with a very attractive design, your personal, modern “Fighter", can realize your dreams...


...the wait is over...

Archon is available to purchase, build, customize and fly!

The revolutionary Archon SF/1 is here





Watch the video... 

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